,, Reflections of Mind”

Maria Sevastaki

jumps to conclusions that logic cannot reach.  It is what we perceive and not about us and our world.  Logical and illogical information that we gather from our DNA code, culture, landscape, people, and mass media that breed us with visual taste and discrimination…

R e f l e c t i o n s  of  M i n d  is energy that identifies us simultaneously through thought and vision to harmonize our being.  It is things we see and dont see -, things that awaken the memory and I become  obsessed with:  environment, people and politics,  animals,  population shifts, gastronomy, cultural heritage  are apart of my ”art”

These notes lead me to  this new experimental BLOG notebook

About me. Am a Greek/Australian woman living in Greece:  a dynamic identity that is not fixed.    In 1981 I came to Greece to discover my parents land and people.  After a car accident that immobilized me for over 6 months – painting energized my existence.   I studied  at the Athens School of Fine Arts 1985-1990 painting and set design and graduated with EXCELLENCE

Samos v’s  Athens: leaving Athens in 1996 was to find a superior meaning in my life and art.  Preserving art only within specific circles is meaningless to me.  Samos is located in the east-central part of the Aegean Sea less  than 1.5km from the west Anatolian coasts.  Famous  for its ancient scientists 6th c. BC  mathematician Pythagoras, astronomer Aristarchos who first noted that the earth and planets move around the sun,  the inventers of moulding – 6th c. BC architect Roikos and sculptor Theodoros, and for some amazing engineering works of antiquity the temple of Hera, the Eupalineion tunnel-, (ancient water tunnel).     Living in Samos today  traces back to  a rich civilization-, the simplicity and warmth of the people, villages, the natural environment – , exploring and experimenting in the Samian youth of which I came coincidentally involved with through various artistic events has been extremely stimulating.

Maria Sevastaki December 2007  ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ:  reflections of mind

This project began 2001 and was to be  presented at the former refugee camp in Vathi Samos island in 2008 with the support of the  Perfecture of Samos – unfortunately was  not

For further details contact me.

 May 11th,  2011

Maria Sevastaki CV

The art historian thinks with the mind of a scholastic. Typologies. Recesions. The world seen through old man’s eyes, looking with that fixedly backward stare that intends to find ladders of precedent, ladders by means of which to climb, slowly, painfully, into the experience of the present. Into a present that will already have been stabilized by already having been predicted. From the ,,The Optical Unconcious” Rosalind E Krauss chapter 2 p35


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  1. Hi Maria, it feels good to visit your blog again. Since I no longer visit ithink, i was wondering what are you up to now. Interestingly I also have a blog with almost this same title in Bengali which translates in English as “Reflections of irregular thoughts”. I like to think that logic or reasoning can not always reach the place where intuition or contemplation can. I enjoyed your words and thoughts. Will check them again and write my reflections about them. So long..

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