Maria’s F l u x works

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Nursen Bullent



  1. Hi Ioanna, thank you for ur comments.
    Flux was an idea we had with a Turkish colleague Pro. Atila Ilkyaz from Ankara with a reference 2 Heralkitu’s ,,TA PANTA PEI” The works I presented are different in each show. This is the final work that the public was involved with. You can read the concept on the blog page POES AKIS FLUX Modern art exhibition.
    Greece is a dammed country for creative artists’… what gave you the impression that I could offer you work?
    anyway, thank you for ur interest,

  2. Καλησπέρα Μαρία.
    Sorry που γράφω στα ρωμέϊκα (καθώς βλέπω ο ιστότοπος σου έχει περισσότερο αγγλικά ή γκρίκλις κείμενα κι εγώ δεν είμαι και τόσο συνηθισμένος σε αυτά).
    Ήθελα απλώς να πώ μια καλησπέρα.
    Κωστής Αποστολάτος

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