Discussing local economies and Mediterranean products in Cyprus



Discussing local economies and Mediterranean products in Cyprus
On May 22 and 23, the NGO CEFA the Seed of Solidarity, Slow Food and Fair Trade Italy are organizing a two day seminar in Cyprus to provide information and raise awareness about local economies and Mediterranean products. The event forms part of the three year EU-financed project “Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity Protection and Fair Trade, together against poverty” which aims to make people aware of the interdependence between countries in the Global South and Europe, the fight against poverty and the promotion of fairer relations between poor and developed countries.
The seminar will focus on two topics: extravirgin olive oil and capers as symbolic products of the Mediterranean—and markets, as places where not only goods but also cultures are exchanged.
Extravirgin olive oil lies at the heart of the diet of Mediterranean peoples and its cultural importance is supported by its central economic role. Through studying the history of olive oil production and its current position, it is intended to analyze the dynamics of the global economy, particularly the possible interactions between the North and the South of the Mediterranean. Representatives from some of the most important olive-oil producing countries will share their knowledge and experience. They may be diverse and geographically distant from each other, but they are united by common principles: a respect for the environment, an urge to defend biodiversity and a desire to create fair trade conditions.
The focus on local economies and exchanges between the two sides of the Mediterranean will be boosted by discussions about some traditional and recently revived farmers’ markets in Italy and Lebanon. These ventures do much to support local economies, while respecting the quality of produce, the environment and fair systems of distribution, which are so frequently undermined by large scale systems.


Thursday, May 22, 2008, Limassol, Carob Mill

H 9:00 – Participants registration

H 9:30 – Presentation of project
Presentation of the project “Sustainable Agriculture, Bio-diversity protection and Fair Trade, together against poverty”, co-financed by the EU (ONG ED/2006/120-817).

Annarita Hadjigavriel, Slow Food Cyprus
Andreas Christou, Municipality of Limassol
Antonis Paschalides, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Nicolas Ioannou, University of Limassol
Marco Benassi, CEFA NGO
Piero Sardo, Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
Glenda Spiller, Consorzio Fairtrade Italy

H 10:30 – Typical products and local agriculture renaissance. Olive oil in the Mediterranean
Moderator: Michael Hadjigavriel, Slow Food Cyprus
Lakis Pinkouras, Cyprus Organic Agriculture Association – Olive oil in Cyprus from the ancient times to nowadays: tradition and sustainable development
Rapahel Colicci, olive grower – Biodiversity and relationships among Mediterranean populations

H 11:30 – Coffee break

Nacho Landeren, Maestrat Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Millenary Trees Presidium – Historical landscapes protection through the promotion of a special olive oil
Francesco Sottile, Minuta Olive Presidium – Revival and promotion of a heritage variety

H 13:00 – Taste Workshop
Pantelis Termat, Terra Madre Chef and olive oil producer in Samos, explains and matches olive oils to simple and symbolic Mediterranean dishes.

H 15:00
Saleh M.S. Ali, PARC (Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees)
Sula Asim, Sh.b.e Elbasan Center – Olive oil between rural development and economic growth: an International cooperation project in Albania

H 15.30 – Discussion: Technical aspects of olive oil production and commercialization
Moderator: Nicolas Kanaris, Lakon Cipro – Technical and economical aspects of olive oil production in Cyprus

H 17:00 – Taste Workshop
Gaetano Pascale, Slow Food Editore Guida agli extravergini editor, guides the tasting of Cypriot, Greek, Italian, Abanian, French and Spanish olive oil.

Friday, May 23, 2008, Limassol, Carob Mill

H 09:30 – Markets as crossroads of goods and cultures
Moderator: Photis Papademas Technological University of Cyprus
Francesco Sottile, University of Palermo – Capers as an emblematic product of the Mediterranean
Cristina Mallor, Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon – Revival and commercialization of a wild variety of caper in Ballobar

H 11:00 – Coffee break

Piero Sardo, Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity (Italy) – The Earth Markets network
Ramy Zurayk, American University of Beirut (Lebanon) – Agricultural development and Earth Markets project in Lebanon
Lioc Joelle Zaralli, CEFA – NGOs and rural development promotion in emerging countries.

H 12:00 – Presentation of the photographic exhibition on markets in Cyprus

H 12:30 – Buffet with typical Cypriot products



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