PRESS RELEASE: BIG BLUE Contemporary Art Exhibtion

BIG BLUE I  N  T  E  R  N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

Identity: Visual and performing artists, university Professors, builders that were born elsewhere, studied elsewhere and work everywhere.

BIG BLUE with the support of the Aegean university School of Sciences  Samos present this pioneering contemporary art show  in Karlovassi Samos from 1-31 August 2010 in the TANNERIES district waterfront in Ormos Karlovassi Samos.

Hours 20.00 – 00.00

22 International visual and performing artists from Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, France, England, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, Australia.

Artists: Atila Ilkyaz,  Feyza Ilkyaz, Alek Lindus, John Lindus, Natasha Kaliva, Stella Bolonaki,  Peter Muller,  Kitty Stirling,  Marianne Catzaras,  Dimitris Katsivas, Gerti Kiriazi, Phedra Blanchart,  Alexandra Patova, Vangelis Rinas, Andreas Ribbung,  Kareena Zerefos,  Amandine Dovelos, Julien Danylard, Maria Sevastaki. Sofiane Ait Chalalet,   Anastasia Andreadi.

Sectors of exhibit: painting, sculpture, photography, etching, installations, video art, interactive public art, performances.

About: BBCA gr/en  pressRelease1

Under the patronage of the Aegean University School of Sciences, Samos – Greece

Things you should have read – Alek Lindus Fine Art Photography 2010



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