About Berlin Biennale 2012

at last something interesting,

the KW Institute for Contemporary Arts in Berlin announced an open call for the 2012 Berlin Biennale  with  the theme  ‘Art and Politics’

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Auguststr. 69
10117 Berlin/Germany

e-mail: call@berlinbiennale.de
fax: +49. 30. 24 34 59 88

This open call is not guarantying that you will be invited to take part in the 7th Berlin Biennale. Please be aware that your submission might be used and published within its framework. Please also consider that the 7th Berlin Biennale is not able to send back any received material, but that everything will be integrated into the public research archive of the Berlin Biennale.

“Usually, artists are not asked to identify their political positions. But this time it’s different. In my opinion, all artists represent particular political standpoints, even if they don’t want to identify them clearly. There is this invisible rule for artists to produce so-called “political art” from an unidentified political position and to keep neutrality, even if it is obvious that they are not neutral.

Our reality is structured by politics; this means that art is also structured by them. Let’s present this invisible/hidden structure, this obscene background of art. Politics are not, as politicians would like to convince us, fights for power or dirty games. They are the language of our collective needs which people share.

We are not only human beings, we are also political beings, as Hannah Arendt said. Let’s describe what we are doing as artists also in pure political terms. That’s why I ask about this “secret” and “private” information. Let’s give it a public body.

It doesn’t mean that the curatorial choice will be based on preferred political identity—no, it will be based as always on intuition and ambiguity. But this time intuition and ambiguity will be a little deformed by this over-obvious political element. So, we will see what happens.”

Artur Żmijewski

video bellow

As the 6th Berlin Biennale for contemporary art kicks off, a special edition of ARTS.21 takes a look at the current state of the capital’s art scene. Our reporters check out the latest trends and discoveries at the event, which has become one of the most important dates on the German art calendar.


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