Athens indymedia: The Greek State threatens to violate the academic asylum!


Nationwide mass hunger strike of immigrants. The Greek State threatens to violate the academic asylum!

On Sunday, 23 January, 300 immigrant workers arrived at the port of Piraeus from Crete island [more photosvideos] to begin a nationwide hunger strike. On the same day 50 of the 300 immigrants arrived at the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki in order to participate in this hunger strike.

They claim the legalization of all immigrants, equal political and social rights as well as equal obligations with the Greek men and women employees. The immigrants strikers in Athens have settled in the building of the Law School (at Solonos Street) that is currently not used for academic purposes. The Dean’s response was to close the School contrary to the opposition of the Students Association of the Law School that has announced its support to the struggle of immigrants.

The State threatens with more ‘drastic measures,’ that is to violate the academic asylum by invading the Law School; since day one, the corporate media slanders the immigrants’ struggle, and in cooperation with the Rectorate authorities, attack the right of immigrants to claim the way they choose their rights.
The labor movement has required equal rights, liberties, payments and obligations for all workers, locals and immigrants. Instead, the minister for Public Order, Papoutsis, announces the building of fences in Evros, at the Greek-Turkish borders, while the Greek government leads immigrants to impoverishment.


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