Protest in Athens Greece 2011-02-23 General strike – Which side are you on?

This is my view of the protest march downtown Athens during the general strike of February 23rd. It is a sequence of pictures and small videos in the exact order they were recorded in my camera from 12:00 to 14:30pm, so you figure out what happened. I read the BBC news reporting 30.000 people protesting. That’s a laugh! Most probably somewhere between 100.000 and 200.000 thousand… Workers, civil servants, retired, unemployed, teachers, professors, students, everybody was there, and most of the rest wish they were. The march was interrupted many times by provoked clash between the usual hot blooded company and the police, who grabbed the opportunity to make excessive use of tear gas, just to make sure the Syntagma (Constitution) square in front of the Parliament would remain empty for the cameras. However, there were so many people coming into the square that it kept filling up again and again. The Union of journalists, sold out to the government, went on strike just the same day of the general strike in Greece, so you ‘ll see no news reports on this one, as usual.

Greece is undergoing “low format” these days, under the iron fist of the EU and the IMF, with the aid of their employees, the socialist (!) government. They are rapidly creating a society in which not only poverty prevails, but also increasingly uneducated and hopeless people are being transformed into cattle. We have to start building our society and country all over again from zero, and we will, no matter how long and how hard this will be.

I have no copyright for the song, but I kept asking myself about a large number a people with or without uniforms today… Which side are you on, boys?

P.S.: By the way, are the police wearing the civil protection badge on their helmets? Another Greek joke…

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