Marika Papagika – Zmirneikos balos (1928) Μαρίκα Παπαγκίκα

Emotional purity of Marika Papigikas keening voice, a bracingly authentic glimpse into a now largely vanished folk culture of early rebetica, also known as `Greek Blues’.

anastenaso kai pono, lipoume kai dhakriso – den exo alon apo se ston kosmo na elpizo (i sigh in pain, i weep with rue – in all the world i have no hope but you).

Marika Papagika, vocals; Athanasios Makedonas, violin; Kostas Papagikas, cembalo; Markos Sifnios, cello.

Born 1890 on the island of Kos, Marika was one of the first generation of Greek women singers to be heard on sound recordings. Around 1915 she emigrated to the USA & by the mid 1920s she and her husband Kostas had their own club in New York.
Her recording career ended in the late 1930’s. Marika died in New York in 1943.


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