Hangar Art Association, an art collective active since 1992, incollobaration with Galeri Kara of ÇankayaMunicipality, Ankara, is exhibiting a project named hangarinterurban on May, 18 – 31, 2012. There are 45 artists participating, 15 from all around around the globe, from cities like Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Karlovasi, Iğdır, Çorum,Diyarbakır,Paris,  Frankfurt, Belgrand and Saraybosna.

The artist realized their works, within the limits of the city they inhabit, in a public, closed space (i.e. a hairdresser saloon, a restaurant, a bakery, a bookshop, a mall, etc.) The visuals of the Works shall be exhibited (as digital print) at Galeri Kara, on May, 18 – 31, 2012.

The project process was as such: each participating artist installed a signboard (or a poster) with his or her name at a convenient place of the space, with the purpose that that place is an exhibition hall, as an extension of Galeri Kara in that city. The exhibitions in the artist’s cities are to be synchronized with the one in Galeri Kara, meeting art with the dynamics of life, being at several locations at the same time.

In this project artists use the contemporary language of art, employing painting, sculpture, photographs, video, installations, and also performances reflecting the spirit of  that space.

Project is based on the perspective that an artist perceives and reflects his or her habitat as an art space. In another words, this is the will to carry art to natural and shared media.

hangarinterurban is the projection of the national perspective via the universality of art to overcome its boundries, to provide an artistic view of the globe from the local and native.

City, is the womb of identity, life and culture, and in contrast with the national modernist cultural arguments, it is seen as the essence and indicator of culture built by living and necessity. The free experience and reflection of the artist, and the natural, unmediated communication of the art with audience are other objectives.


Atilla Ilkyaz

Cebrail Ötgün

Cezmi Orhan


e-mail addressess:        0533 267 58 07             0544 749 67 57          0542 2547802

ÇankayaMunicipalityGaleri Kara, Bedia Fidancıoğlu  0312 4331235


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