The parents and guardians association of Ormos Karlovassi public primary school Samos Greece

by Maria Sevastaki (Notes) facebook on Monday, 17 June 2013 at 15:28


After the invitation of the parents and guardians association of the primary school of Ormosin Karlovasi  prior to  Xmas holidays I volunteered to teach art every Saturday and gladly accepted their invite. It was unfortunate that we didn’t complete the art curriculum I had in mind. The absences of pupils brought us back ….

Our program: what is art for? (slide projection of which I was not provided with the projector on our first lesson so I had to imporvise)… drawing, painting, installations, sculpture, and engraving.

We managed and implemented projects, like watercolours’ and tempera, mask making and a clay sculpture we also did some collective work that was left incomplete posters regarding humanitarian content.

Some parents wanted to paint the wall of the school. I prepared a slideshow of elementary schools of the world, I also gathered material from Samos museums and the children took notes while watching the slides and some  discussions much valued and with my help they designed them on the wall. Athena and Fenia (mothers are next to them and contributing).   We hope you will take pleasure of this brilliant mural as we did discovering and making it with all our love.  I wholeheartedly thank Helena Kyriakou, Effie,Fenia, Athena, the Parents’ Association, and army people for priming the walls,George Margaroni for offering materials, the school for their hospitality and especially the children that exceeded their limits and made a treasure on the wall of their school.

Maria N.Sevastaki

Sponsors: Maria N. Sevastaki, The parents and guardians association, George Margaronis. Special thanks go to Elena Kyriakou Fenia, Effie, Athens,Myrto Simela, and to all children that participated and deposited their souls  along with the unforgettable experience  we all shared and experimented together.

For more images visit my facebook page

wishing you all a great summer!!!

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