Test the character and associate with your peers- some considerations…

The true roots of Europe


54) Test the character (Ηθοςδοκιμαζε)

“Ethos” is a very important word which means principally “character, nature, temperament”. We have here to remember the famous words of Heraclitus: “ethos anthropos daimon” which have puzzled the scholars for centuries; plainly saying, it means “the character of a man is his Daimon”, some other translate with “character is fate”- although clearly ‘fate’ gives a very reductive meaning to the greatly important concept of Daimon. We can also translate “a man’s character is his guardian deity” assuming that the Daimon may be described as “the good genius of a person”, so saying that the character of each person is a Daimon, his/her particular Daimon in fact. Greek grammar permits Heraclitus’s apophthegm to mean equally 1) that a person’s character is all that the guiding spirit in that person can be; and 2) that one’s character emerges under closer investigation to be…

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