at work
Santorini 2013

It has been a while since I have been on my blog….

I have been hacked all summer.  From 2006 I have been having problems with my computers and youtube mail accounts (that’s when I joined the human rights group of Samos).   It seems I  distract some people with the context of my blogs.  I  married Sofiane in 2009 he is Muslim….,

These people  visited our home late 2010.  They, over eleven angry and off their faces young men hit me….I fell and hit my head twice one on the door knob and on floor.  They stepped on me. They dislocated A4 A5 A6 A7 discs from my neck.

In 1984 I was in a horrible car accident. I fell off the bridge by the seafront of Karlovasi town   just by the location poet Yannis Ritsos sat and wrote.  I broke my neck dislocated 6 discs  twisted my spine almost lost my eye and right leg  broke my nose and on top of that I had an embolism just when I came out of the comma…It took me years of hard work to recover and I was dependent on my parents for a long time…

This turned my life up side down.   I didn’t receive any money or insurance from this tragic accident  in my life the man that was driving drunk left the country & never came back not to pay me as the courts had said….

After that horrific night that nationalist visited  I presented the same Greek courts with medical documents which where displaced, and  ignored by the Greek state(2010 2011).

The police I called that night said we are foreigners  ….!!!!  We shortly discovered that this  was all staged by  nationalists.

I was with a hard collar for a while. And on cortizone  ….after 2 1/2 months of this artificial hormone I had a heart episode …..

Luckily,  due to my junior athletics and older practices of Thai Chi and yoga I am very well.  The neurosurgeon and radiologists are amazed and tell me other patients with same clinical image dont have the flexibility I have on  my ends (hands legs)

Maybe it’s time to close this chapter ,, Reflections of Mind…..”

I am always inspired beyond ‘money’  and I resist anything that is unjust

I will continue my UTOPIA  & never give up

I have continued ROMMS  context  on tweet https://twitter.com/rommsart

along with my facebook page all summer (not the art page)  https://www.facebook.com/aira9art

PS For those who messed up my blogs and THOSE that visited us I and my husband FORGIVE YOU

I am  proud of our ‘huge’  multi cultural family

I wish all my readers to contribute with love , self respect 2 unite and rid this unjust world

a thought I’ve been having lately is that   ”WE” The People are the most tragic creatures on this earth ….

from my self exile  Karlovassi, Samos





PS The project I was working on during the attack was the Cell.  A metaphor from ‘ organic cell’ to the other….

0.6cell presentationMS

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